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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Art

I've been finishing a lot of paintings lately. It's an urge I've had as we've gotten closer to moving. I can't stand to pack an unfinished canvas. Unfortunately, even trying to fit two paintings into one post makes the formatting on this blog rather difficult.

Come to my etsy site to see the rest of the new listings!

Here's a poem I wrote that combines goddesses and Egypt.

Bast breathes an Eternal purr mixed with moonlight.
Twin moons with the glow of gold watch through the night.
Silent, she sidles, the hush of wind her sound.
Twisting like a river, she marks sacred ground
Until Ra’s rays fall upon her silken fur
And Bast becomes woman, but her face, her purr
Recalls the midnight prowling and moonlight glints.
Bast is the feline Pharoah, benevolence.

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