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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Muses Whisper at odd times

One of my friends from the Etsy chatroom was looking for a name for this blend of rich colors. Follow the link: perhaps it was Pomona rather than the Muses inspiring this one.


The muse of nonfiction isn't speaking to me tonight. Or perhaps I just can't hear her with my ear a bit swollen from allergies. Ergo my offerings for you tonight are simple.
I didn't draw this picture---->
I posed for it, white gloves, earrings, lipstick and chocolate. My husband likes the way I look at chocolate, and he's been an artist longer than I have. I've posed for him for quite a few things, but rarely does he stick as close to reality as he did here.
It's a bit funny, looking at his work and seeing me. And things could get worse. I think I might do part time work as an artist's model. I've even heard of model shows, where a gallery shows several artists' works all based on one model. On one hand, a form of immortality-- on the other, trying to look people in the eye if there are nudes in the exhibit? Maybe not the path for me to take.

And now, a poem, to take your mind off *that* mental image.

Clouds rush through the sky
In a swirling, free-form dance.
Strobe lights and drum rolls
Play around the amphitheater.
The sky, celebrating carnivale,
Throws confetti to the ground

Friday, September 28, 2007

Time keeps on slippin'

Oops. I meant to write in this blog daily, but it's been nearly a week since my last entry. There has been a lot to distract me in both my personal and creative life; I'm happy to say one thing I've been working on is a small series of commissioned paintings. The sun and moon paintings are larger versions of minatures my customer liked; and she also wanted a third painting to capture the change between night and day-- a twilight, dominated by this unusual bird

Now, about the painting showcased in this post. Hmm. Allan's photography does not show off well the pinkness of the flowers, but I thought I would try sumi-e ink painting with a local sort of subject, and this monochrome plant was so lovely I had it framed. Sumi-e, for those unfamiliar, is an ink painting style from Asia which is done by varying the mix of solid ink and water, and the wetness of the bush to create textures. The arm should be relaxed when painting, and the mind easy. The idea is to have one's personal energy, or qi, flowing naturally while painting, imbuing the art with a sense of life and nature, while serving as a sort of meditation. It is a very pleasant way to paint, as you can imagine, making the artist feel relaxed and refresh.
I took up sumi-e after seeing an artist doing it at a mall art show. He had samples of his work out, and sets of watercolor trays, and you could request whatever you liked based on his samples and he painted it for you right there. I asked for a rooster, as that is my sign in the Chinese Zodiac. It was almost magic to see him create the feathers with simple, eloquent brush strokes. I don't know where I put away that first sample that made me decide to learn the art myself, but I've made many pieces of my own, since then.

I'm listing this piece, Ink Pot, in my Etsy store tonight.

Meanwhile, a new bit of verse occurs to me:

Ink tells stories,
Joyful or sad.
Whispers secrets,
From mind to mind.

On paper, crisp,
The dreams we'd had;
In print or paint
For all to find.

When times move on
We may be glad
To find again
Dreams left behind.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

One of my favorite creations has just been listed on my Etsy store

A thing which is two things. This is both a necklace and a pendulum, suitable for dousing. I'd seen glass pendulums in my favorite mystic shop, so when I saw the blue and gold pointy end bead, I immediately thought, why not make a necklace that will be usable; a pendulum that functions as jewelry, too.

If you've never done dowsing, in this meaning, it's a way of contacting spirits, such as your guardian or fairies, to ask questions. Hold the pendulum in one hand over the outstretched palm of your other hand. You should start to feel a sort of tickling sensation as energy begins to flow along the pendulum to your hand. Once the pendulum is pretty much at rest, ask the spirit some yes or no questions that you know the answers to, to make sure it's working, and you know how to recognize yes and no -- the pendulum should circle different ways for either answer.

When you aren't dousing, just wear the necklace lariat style, dropping the pendulum and larger bead through the loop to make a Y front necklace.

To purchase, visit

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Store Inventory Increased

I've been spending most of the day adding new listings to my store.
Shown here is a new necklace, under $10 for goth clubs or Halloween wear.
I've got a special sale going, free shipping on all orders placed before the end of Saturday. The regular shipping price will be visible, but contact me before paying, and I will edit it to make sure you aren't billed.

Today's poem:

Silent tears
Shake the body,
Shatter the soul.
Cry out loud
For comfort.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Done Today:

I put the finishing touches on some of those cards I was working on, so I have two sets of four ready to scan and put up for sale. I also strung two necklaces. I've begun adding links to my fellow EarthPath and FAE etsy artists, although for some reason they are appearing at the bottom rather than side of the page. I'll have to see if I can do something about it, because I don't want to give anyone short shrift.

The picture on display now is Butterflame, and I will be adding it to my etsy store within the next few days. All I need to do is get the measurements for it.

Poem of the day, written *right now*:

A voice at the edge of a canyon
Along the stony faces of the walls
Winding around
Narrow tree trunks, gnarled branches
Dying away in the emptiness.

... Unheard?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just a Poem

I'm rather tired right now, so the Muse bids me share:

Animals know the truth;
In darkness there is healing.
Seek the yang--
Cool, soothing hands felt in the dark,
Cats hide when they hurt
And wait patiently
For the tide to change.

The muse hath struck

I was working on ideas for more painted glasses, when it occurred to me that a snake design I wanted to do would be even better as a sculpture, made of fimo or sculpy, around the stems.

I've also been working on cards lately. Handpainted ones; and today, tiled ones with geometric foam shapes glued on, which end up looking like a mosaic. I'm going to want to sell them in sets, so not too much money has to be lost to fees and the shipping charges stay low. Does anyone know the ideal way to do this on Etsy? I'm thinking of posting sets, but with a note allowing people to ask for changes so they can mix sets and I will edit the new set at the same price. Good idea?

today's haiku:

Blue infinity sky,
Stretching the horizons of
The world and the soul.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tall Oaks Grow From Tiny Acorns

I'm soon going to be listing glassware in my Etsy store. This is one of a pair painted with an acorn and oak leaves-- perfect for the season, or for toasting hamadyrads. Because it is always wise to sign paintings, the glassware has my initials, HK, which I sign in a combined mark I call my rune, on the base of the glasses.

I used dishwasher safe glasses, beautifully clear, but thicker and sturdier than many wineglasses, because I think it's a pain having too many hand-wash-only things. The paint is a special baked-on glass paint that also won't be harmed by dishwasher cleaning.

Today's haiku:

Each leaf in the fall
Has its moment of glory,
A fireworks display.

Now the Muse is offering me a cup of tea and advising me to sit and paint a while, instead of sitting near the windows as my asthma tires me out.

So you don't get bored with one post.

I'm still learning what I'm doing here. I had such an easy time adding the first picture and am having so much trouble doing it a second time. So, I will use another method and expand my skills. DragonLady Arianna, linked from photobucket.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is a watercolor that was meant to be the beginning of illustrations for a book, which was going to be about dragonladies, a race of draconic humanoids. In a sense it was going to be a metaphor for strong women worldwide, who could use a sort of primal natural energy to pursue their goals. DragonLady Arianna lives by northern seas and is an environmental activist.

And on the same theme, I offer another of my haiku:

Dragon brings the rain,
Drops like tiny pearls falling,
Seeding the rice.

A New Beginning

Here I am entering the world of blogging after years of hanging out on political blogs-- to start an arts and crafts blog. Well, why not? I was making art before I took a serious interest in politics. And if the personal is political, than the running of a business as an artist and artisan is most definitely political. After all, I wouldn't be spending so much time on creative work if I hadn't had my health destroyed in a "safe" work environment, as a clerk in an office.
I consider it a lesson in following one's heart and gut. If you are doing something where you aren't just unhappy sometimes, but truly stifled, sick, and miserable, Get Out of there and follow your bliss.
These days I have a store on etsy, a site for handmade goods. It's -- I've only been there for a month, and already I've made three sales and have had a chance to do a lot of talking with other crafters and artists.

The muse whispers that I have said enough for my first post, and that I should leave you with a seasonal haiku I wrote:

Fall scatters gold coin;
The world is enriched again,
Prosperous, content.