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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Custom-er is always Happy

Some artists don't really like doing custom work. It compromises their artistic integrity, or it makes them feel like a worker rather than facing it with inspiration.
I actually LOVE doing custom work, at least I have every time I've been given the chance. Of course, working with my own ideas is fun and creative, but it feels even more exciting for me to *stretch* myself by working with someone, to create something I wouldn't have, solely by my own effort. Just for instance, I tend to prefer very clear, strong colors: fuschia and cobalt, black and red; such combinations as the pure paints yield.
When a buyer was looking for an abstract with light brown, beige and light green, though, I found it intriguing. It made me think of leaves against sand, or a bit of forest undergrowth-- but she wanted geometric, not organic, design. Even more intriguing.
What do such peaceful colors suggest in a geometric style? Stability. Tranquility. But an art piece should also suggest a dynamic side, so I conceived of a sphere for stability and rays for motion.
This top picture was my initial foray, to see if that general concept would work. With a request to tone down the green (She was right-- the green was highly mixed with white, but still dried darker than wet) and approval to add a few more rays for balance, I ended up with the second and final version. We were both happy with it, and as it fit well in a priority envelope, it should be in her hands about now.

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