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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Custom-er is always Happy, part 2

Blame Canada-- well at least a Canadian girl with remarkable hair! Ordinary hair sticks are just too small to hold her luxurious locks so she custom ordered 11 inch, gem topped creations. We worked together on the choice of stones. Moonstone and turquoise/ malachite and pearl, on the different pairs. It's a delicate but elegant look.
And it's given me another idea. Sticks *this* long are big enough for knitting needles. And I know fancy knitting needles have their market.
Today's poem. Well, I'm proud of how things are going with my art/artisan work. So, I give you my poem on pride.


A thousand trumpets
Sing their clarion
Call to triumph,
An echo of the
Leaping soul-song.
To split the sky,
Etch names in stone,
Command the wind
Takes but a thought.

This glory must be shared!
Know, all, your beauty,
Wisdom, power, and measureless
Potential, heady as wine.
‘Til drunk with joy, we
Stop to rest, and savor
Sweet achievement.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Custom-er is always Happy

Some artists don't really like doing custom work. It compromises their artistic integrity, or it makes them feel like a worker rather than facing it with inspiration.
I actually LOVE doing custom work, at least I have every time I've been given the chance. Of course, working with my own ideas is fun and creative, but it feels even more exciting for me to *stretch* myself by working with someone, to create something I wouldn't have, solely by my own effort. Just for instance, I tend to prefer very clear, strong colors: fuschia and cobalt, black and red; such combinations as the pure paints yield.
When a buyer was looking for an abstract with light brown, beige and light green, though, I found it intriguing. It made me think of leaves against sand, or a bit of forest undergrowth-- but she wanted geometric, not organic, design. Even more intriguing.
What do such peaceful colors suggest in a geometric style? Stability. Tranquility. But an art piece should also suggest a dynamic side, so I conceived of a sphere for stability and rays for motion.
This top picture was my initial foray, to see if that general concept would work. With a request to tone down the green (She was right-- the green was highly mixed with white, but still dried darker than wet) and approval to add a few more rays for balance, I ended up with the second and final version. We were both happy with it, and as it fit well in a priority envelope, it should be in her hands about now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's been a while.

Thanks to a hand injury, I've tried to minimize my typing for a while.
With Spring here, there's a lot more light for taking photos. I've even set up a little photography station near a window so I can use natural light and yet not go out in the big asthma-provoking outdoors.
While packing things to move, I found this Dragon Glass Candle Holder I painted a while back and stashed carefully away. It's gone into my store inventory boxes for now, but I wouldn't mind at all having to ship it before we move! So pretty-- the gold paint doesn't photograph well with a light background, so if you go to my store, you will see a dark background, too, that really shows how it can shine!
I've updated photos on many of my older listings to make them clearer and more informative.

No poem, because I'm late getting ready for bed. The way I react to the fibromyalgia and asthma keeps me nocturnal-- but I can function by day on the coast, where I'm so much healthier.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Art

I've been finishing a lot of paintings lately. It's an urge I've had as we've gotten closer to moving. I can't stand to pack an unfinished canvas. Unfortunately, even trying to fit two paintings into one post makes the formatting on this blog rather difficult.

Come to my etsy site to see the rest of the new listings!

Here's a poem I wrote that combines goddesses and Egypt.

Bast breathes an Eternal purr mixed with moonlight.
Twin moons with the glow of gold watch through the night.
Silent, she sidles, the hush of wind her sound.
Twisting like a river, she marks sacred ground
Until Ra’s rays fall upon her silken fur
And Bast becomes woman, but her face, her purr
Recalls the midnight prowling and moonlight glints.
Bast is the feline Pharoah, benevolence.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New FAE exhibition

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March Madness was my idea-- I've seen lots of Alice In Wonderland and dark fantasy stuff, so when we decided to do more exhibitions, I thought it would be good to give people a chance to pull out some of their more unusual pieces.

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update, but I got an injury on a fingertip that has made typing a lot more difficult for a while.

In the theme of madness, this poem was written in character a while back, but works quite well without any background and isn't really that dark...

Silver Tears

Oh kiss, my love, these silver tears,
And make the madness go away.
My pain is more than I can say,
Yet at love’s touch it disappears.

Now beak these bonds, these chains of hate
I’ve carried through long, lonely years,
Forged of faithlessness and fears,
And tempered by the blows of fate.

Then bring, my love, the light of day
That burns the fog that clouds my sight,
For still my soul is full of night
And only you can see the way.

Then lift, my love, with easy might
This spirit lain with heavy weight.
Your love alone can consecrate
A heart so long removed from right.

The silver tears that gently traced
A song of woe across my face,
Are vanished, lost in your embrace;
And lest by me you be debased,
Or that your love may seem misplaced,
I vow to dedicate to grace
All strength within this mortal case
Until my faults are all erased.