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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Custom-er is always Happy, part 2

Blame Canada-- well at least a Canadian girl with remarkable hair! Ordinary hair sticks are just too small to hold her luxurious locks so she custom ordered 11 inch, gem topped creations. We worked together on the choice of stones. Moonstone and turquoise/ malachite and pearl, on the different pairs. It's a delicate but elegant look.
And it's given me another idea. Sticks *this* long are big enough for knitting needles. And I know fancy knitting needles have their market.
Today's poem. Well, I'm proud of how things are going with my art/artisan work. So, I give you my poem on pride.


A thousand trumpets
Sing their clarion
Call to triumph,
An echo of the
Leaping soul-song.
To split the sky,
Etch names in stone,
Command the wind
Takes but a thought.

This glory must be shared!
Know, all, your beauty,
Wisdom, power, and measureless
Potential, heady as wine.
‘Til drunk with joy, we
Stop to rest, and savor
Sweet achievement.

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