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Friday, September 14, 2007

Tall Oaks Grow From Tiny Acorns

I'm soon going to be listing glassware in my Etsy store. This is one of a pair painted with an acorn and oak leaves-- perfect for the season, or for toasting hamadyrads. Because it is always wise to sign paintings, the glassware has my initials, HK, which I sign in a combined mark I call my rune, on the base of the glasses.

I used dishwasher safe glasses, beautifully clear, but thicker and sturdier than many wineglasses, because I think it's a pain having too many hand-wash-only things. The paint is a special baked-on glass paint that also won't be harmed by dishwasher cleaning.

Today's haiku:

Each leaf in the fall
Has its moment of glory,
A fireworks display.

Now the Muse is offering me a cup of tea and advising me to sit and paint a while, instead of sitting near the windows as my asthma tires me out.

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