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Saturday, September 22, 2007

One of my favorite creations has just been listed on my Etsy store

A thing which is two things. This is both a necklace and a pendulum, suitable for dousing. I'd seen glass pendulums in my favorite mystic shop, so when I saw the blue and gold pointy end bead, I immediately thought, why not make a necklace that will be usable; a pendulum that functions as jewelry, too.

If you've never done dowsing, in this meaning, it's a way of contacting spirits, such as your guardian or fairies, to ask questions. Hold the pendulum in one hand over the outstretched palm of your other hand. You should start to feel a sort of tickling sensation as energy begins to flow along the pendulum to your hand. Once the pendulum is pretty much at rest, ask the spirit some yes or no questions that you know the answers to, to make sure it's working, and you know how to recognize yes and no -- the pendulum should circle different ways for either answer.

When you aren't dousing, just wear the necklace lariat style, dropping the pendulum and larger bead through the loop to make a Y front necklace.

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