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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The muse hath struck

I was working on ideas for more painted glasses, when it occurred to me that a snake design I wanted to do would be even better as a sculpture, made of fimo or sculpy, around the stems.

I've also been working on cards lately. Handpainted ones; and today, tiled ones with geometric foam shapes glued on, which end up looking like a mosaic. I'm going to want to sell them in sets, so not too much money has to be lost to fees and the shipping charges stay low. Does anyone know the ideal way to do this on Etsy? I'm thinking of posting sets, but with a note allowing people to ask for changes so they can mix sets and I will edit the new set at the same price. Good idea?

today's haiku:

Blue infinity sky,
Stretching the horizons of
The world and the soul.

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