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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being productive

I've done a fix-up of Snowbringer, a fantasy piece that got a weird mark on it when put away for safekeeping. I think it looks better now. Sometimes accidents are happy accidents in art, and a good artist should learn how to be clever about fixing problems.

I've also finished some small works: A Topography of Roses, The Ocean in a Drop of Water, and Partners. Next up, Sky-Bird Nesting and a monochrome of the Monterey Bay landscape I haven't got a name in mind for yet. Also Orbit and Moon Launch, a couple of Cosmic Cat pieces. Some, but not all of my new pieces, will be in the February show at the Lodi Art Center. I also need to plan ahead for a few months worth of their theme shows: Treasures From Travel and Artist at Play should be good ones.

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