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Monday, February 18, 2008

Green Goddess

It started with an experiment with making skirted fairy pendants/charms. I noticed some of them had a rather goddess-y silhouette, so I decided to try make a goddess figurine. I had copper wire I could use to give her arms and the spiral, and with spring already underway around here, a green goddess seemed just right, with leaves and a slender strand of beads like a stalk or vine.

I intend to do more in other themes, but this seemed like the perfect start.

My muse loves it, too.

The lady green loves growing things,
And dances with the sun.
Her pale mane, it falls as rain,
And washes everyone.
As her dance flows, each creeping rose
Bursts forth before her face.
The rain, and dew, and moonlight, too
Reflect her glowing grace.

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