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Monday, February 4, 2008

A Journey To Be Taken

This week, Tuesday-Friday, I will be spending time in Santa Cruz. I truly think it will make a world of difference to my health once I am living there. We will be scouting out mobile home parks, as the most likely source of affordable rentals. Allan will take a test for a county job. We will probably both be looking into other job opportunities and such as well.
I love ocean air, the cries of seagulls, the towering sequoias in the mountains above. The area has been calling us for years, and the move has been too long delayed by second-guessing.
I like the people who live in the area, too. People feel better and it shows in their interactions.

Today's poem is about a different type of ocean-- the cosmos. I wrote this after stargazing one night at college.

Black Ocean

If an ocean had no floor,
A weight would fall forever.
In a black, endless sea
Drift a million pearls
Lit from within, at changing depth.
There are no shores,
But a lush, green isle where I stand.

I want to fall into the cool dark,
The ocean that is the sky,
Among the pearly stars.
Sometimes I start to fall,
But the island pulls me back,

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