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Sunday, February 10, 2008


When I'm traveling, of course I cannot be quite the night owl I usually am. So now that I'm home I've been able to take new and better pictures of a lot of my etsy listings. Also, I've got new listings up, like this mermaid vase and a banshee art piece.

Since my title is about changing my schedule and being up in the day, my poem is one I wrote years ago when I was reluctantly diurnal.

The day devours time;
The hours, sun-scorched, die
Or are pushed into
Oblivion by
Clocks’ hand and digits.

The night gives time back—
No demands, schedules.
Crickets mark seconds
In broken rhythm.
You breathe minutes, hours.

The moon speaks of months;
The stars sing the music
Of eons’ passage.
You look up and fall
Into forever.

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