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Saturday, October 13, 2007

This time, it isn't about me.


At first, I'd hoped to post about a new painting I've completed, but the weather has been rainy and I can't do photos. But as you can tell from my jewelry, I really like glass, and my first featured artist is Kathryn Joy Schreiber, my fellow in Fantasy Artists of Etsy, and a creator of magnificent things. Stained glass is at the heart of most of it, but she embellishes with wire, beads, and more to create unique works, including sculpture, wands, pendants, nightlights, and more.
As Kathryn says, "I am totally in love with art and it actually is in me. I can not force things to be designed it just happens." The example shown here just happened for the autumn design challenge, and placed high in the voting. Please go to her shop and see more of her incredible work!

The muse suggests a new poem:

Friendships come
Like a forest clearing
Revealing a sunset unfolding.

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