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Friday, October 5, 2007

Sunshine recurring

I am a night person, and yet often, the sun creeps into my paintings. Perhaps simply because it is a counterpoint to the moon, which stars even more often in my work. But I suppose, as it's partly my health that has made me a night person, the moon stands for my current, quiet but creative life-- while the sun would be the more active life I led before I started having so much physical trouble.

I guess I romanticize the day from missing it; here's a poem I wrote when I was more familiar with daylight.

The day devours time;
The hours, sun-scorched, die
Or are pushed into
Oblivion by
Clocks’ hand and digits.

The night gives time back—
No demands, schedules.
Crickets mark seconds
In broken rhythm.
You breathe minutes, hours.

The moon speaks of months;
The stars sing the music
Of eons’ passage.
You look up and fall
Into forever.

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