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Thursday, October 1, 2009

News of my art

With summer over and the weather still very fair, but the beaches uncrowded, it's a wonderful time for me to go out and find inspirations for pieces. I painted a watercolor just a couple of days ago of a wave crashing against a cliff. I also made a little acrylic space scene I'm calling Crowded Space. No photos of either for me to share yet, unfortunately, but soon.

We took down the shows from Cafe Bene and Cafe Pergolesi here in Santa Cruz, but we have art up at Chill Out Cafe and will add a few pieces to it. I also might add some items soon to the Lodi Community Art Center.

One project I need to work on is finding a free photo editor that will do color adjustments and watermarking, but will work on an Apple OSX.03 -- suggestions are welcome. If I can correct for lens distortion or the photo being slightly off angle, that would be great.

I need to plan a new sale for my Etsy store.

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