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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sorry for the long delay between posts.

I've had to rethink what I'm doing with my blog a little. Trying to get a relevant poem in every post wasn't really working out; my plan had been to push myself to write more, but instead, I was blogging less.

I'm pleased to say Allan and I have 3 shows running right now: Cafe Bene, Cafe Pergolesi, and the Chill Out Cafe all have our art on their walls. All of these are Santa Cruz locations. Cafe Bene and Pergolesi's shows will be running out at the end of the month. Chill Out Cafe will carry our art until further notice, with items being rotated in.

I'm working more these days with gallery wrap canvases, where I can paint on the sides and hang them without frames. The look is easy to go with most decors, and while the canvases cost a bit more, it's cheaper than framing them.

You'll find more posts here more often; I intend to share information on projects in the works, thoughts behind some of my palette choices, and maybe more bits of writing.

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