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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This has little to do with my art, directly.

But some, indirectly.

I'm going back to college, to get a B.S. and then a teaching credential. I want to teach science; the more I think on it, the more I think I have found my calling.

Indirectly, this may effect my art in several ways. I'm already working on one abstract art piece based on collider particle tracks. (Hmm. Foxfire does not have collider in its spell check dictionary). I hope to have some fun turning visualizations into art inspirations.
And of course, there's the time issue. Although I think I'll be doing art at about the same pace and cutting back on other ways of spending time.

I really just want to talk about my plans, though, because I'm excited; it may have come late in life, but I've chosen my major, I have a path, and I have motivation to see it through. Wish me luck, though-- I have to take at least one course that is very hard to get into (high demand, little money for teachers and classrooms) before I can go farther.

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